Decrease of energy loss

Improving the energy efficiency of our properties is one of the most important measures for Catena from an environmental perspective, but also from a cost-saving perspective.

One of the largest energy projects of 2019 was carried out at the Vångagärdet 20 property in Helsingborg. The building was constructed between 1958 and 1988. It comprises approximately 26,000 square metres, with production and warehouse areas accounting for 12,000 square metres, and the remainder being offices and other areas. Catena’s head office is located in the property.

Together with Öresundskraft, Catena chose to convert the property from existing gas and steam systems to district heating. Heating with gas was both expensive and inefficient as an old steam boiler entailed considerable energy losses. The building was connected to the district heating network with the aim of creating a pleasant indoor climate, reducing environmental impact and supporting efficient and safe operation. The energy from the district heating network comprises nearly 100 percent recycled energy.

The project represents a financially and environmentally wise solution. We expect the change of system to lead to an annual saving of about SEK 900,000 and of about 765 tonnes CO2e. This corresponds to about 300 cars driving 15,000 km/year.

  • Graph Down
    765 annual saving, tonnes CO2e
  • Money
    900 000 annual saving, SEK

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