World record high-bay?

Third party logistics operator Nowaste Logistic’s high-bay warehouse in Helsingborg is an exciting example of how narrow time margins require more of everyone but can also exceed everyone’s expectations. Nowaste provides its customers with customised logistics solutions that include their own automation and IT solutions and experienced logistics personnel. Customers include well-known brands such as Home Furnishing Nordic, Atria, Bolist, Brothers, Polarn o. Pyret, Björn Borg, Panduro, Coolstuff and Everfresh. In 2018, Nowaste became a tenant at Logistics Position Tostarp outside Helsingborg with its unmistakeable warehouse, eye-catching façade.

Together with Catena, we beat all expectations. Catena's capacity to bring together the strengths of all and then build commitment despite the time pressure determined this success.

Jesper Brandin, Sales Manager, Nowaste Logistics

With a successful business model and many interested customers, Nowaste chose Catena to build a high-bay facility adjacent to its major warehouse at Tostarp in Helsingborg. The initiative was partly speculative and contracts had not been signed with all customers when construction began. Today, the high-bay warehouse is one of the most
modern e-commerce warehouses in the Nordic countries. The 11,000 square metre facility houses 105 automated shuttles (OSR), picking stations, delivery bays and parcel sorting. When clothing companies Polarn o. Pyret and Brothers became contracted customers for the state-of-theart terminal, the urgency and pressure increased to complete construction and install the IT and automation systems in the building. Moving goods and establishing procedures are demanding tasks – and the objective was unequivocal – everything had to be ready by Black Friday.

With strong collaboration between Nowaste as the client and Catena as the project manager, all suppliers were given a common platform to work from and it was possible to open the high-bay warehouse ahead of schedule, with all functions fine-tuned, in time.Accordingly, the project was completed in record time, taking just 12 months from signing to the commencement of operation.

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