Catena’s potential land bank comprises more than 5 million sqm in strategic locations. For a long time, we have developed valuable expertise for early identification of attractive land with close access to major transportation routes and and larger population centers. Our land bank creates unique opportunities to build new, efficient and sustainable logistics facilities that meet the specific needs of the customer. For example needs such as ceiling height, automation solutions, cold storage or specific flows and how they should be handled.

Site development encompassing an entire area generates synergies that benefit both Catena and our tenants. Read more about our major logistics positions.

Sustainable properties

Catena’s objective is to build sustainably over time and our sustainability targets are ambitious. All newly produced properties are always environmentally certified and we have a structured approach that takes use of land (with ambitious targets on biodiversity aspects), greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to sustainable energy solutions into account.

A long-term partnership

When the building is completed, Catena will remain as a long-term partner. Through property management close to customers, Catena is able to understand and meet the needs that arise and adapt the premises accordingly. As our tenant you can rest assured that the property will be kept in good condition and that control of the property is part of our offer.

Having a skilled and efficient property management organisation in place in the regions safeguards relations – Catena is a long-term partner.

Would yon be interested in establishing new operations?

Please contact us to discuss other opportunities in our regions.