Catena’s overriding objective is to show strong cash flow, enabling stable development and dividends for shareholders. To realise this, the operations apply a number of measurable financial targets that are communicated externally. These focus primarily on profitability and financial stability. Catena’s financial KPIs in its finance policy:

  • Equity ratio should be at least 40 percent
  • Interest-coverage ratio shall not be less than a multiple of 2
  • Average debt maturity should be at least 2.5 years
  • Net loan-to-value ratio shall not exceed 50 percent
  • An Investment Grade credit rating shall be maintained
  • The net debt/EBITDA ratio should be less than nine times

2021-04-09 Catena updates financial targets
2023-02-21 Catena updates its finance policy

Catena includes a number of different functions with different conditions. They are followed up by means of a number of customized internal operational targets, relevant to the operations concerned, linked to the company’s strategies for markets, property development, sustainability and financing.