Catena strive to be an exciting and responsible employer that attracts engaged and skilled employees, both new and existing. 

Good working environment

In order to continue to develop as a workplace, we continuously measure how we are perceived as an employer, work with health at the workplace, equality, ongoing competence development and for maintainance of a strong set of values. We have introduced a whistleblowing system that makes it easy for anyone to share information about disparities which violate laws, ethics, morals or Catena's policies. 

Equal opportunities

We strive for diversity and even gender and age distribution - we see this as a prerequisite for being effective and professional over time, but also for continuing to be attractive as an employer.

There is more to do, but for example, we have reached 50 percent women in our senior management and 43 percent of women in our Board of Directors. When hiring, promoting and continuously evaluating, we assess competence, experience and personal qualities. It is obvious for us that never assess a person on the basis of aspects that are not related to how well the person can do the job.

In-service training

Catena works actively with training and skills development for employees. The aim is both to create a work environment in which employees feel they develop in their work and for Catena to continue developing as a company.