Producers and importers also get their products out to the shops where there is current demand.

What is city logistics?

What is referred to as city logistics involves facilities specially designed for frequent, fast and short-distance transports of fast-moving consumer goods to retailers or directly to consumers. There is a focus on creating more efficient, coordinated and sustainable solutions for the “last mile” – the final part of transportation in urban deliveries. 

The peri-urban facilities, are specifically designed to handle different types of goods from multiple suppliers. They are equipped for rational picking because shipments, although small, may consist of several different products from several suppliers. In this way, shops, which are not seldom situated in expensive locations, can minimise storage space, save costs and tie up less capital. 

Svenska Cater is a company with operations in a facility adapted for city logistics.

Future-proofed logistics properties

Our ambition is net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which, among other things, affects the construction process when a new logistic property is to be built. We also want to achieve environmental certifications on 100 percent of the Group’s lettable area and net-positive property portfolio in terms of biodiversity.

Do you want to know more about our different types of properties?

Our specialised focus on logistics properties may seem narrow, but it means that we amass invaluable expertise and can instead assume a broad and long-term responsibility, a responsibility that ranges from new production to customer-oriented day-to-day property management. Please contact us.