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Our objective is that those who contact us should feel secure with our processing of their personal data. We respect your personal integrity and take a proactive approach to protecting your personal data. In this Privacy Policy, we describe how we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with applicable legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The purpose of this policy is to provide you with clear and transparent information about how we collect and process your personal data securely. However, to ensure that the policy is not too long to read, we have highlighted the most common types of processing and the ones that can be assumed to have the greatest impact on you. You will also find information regarding your rights and how to exercise them.

What constitutes personal data?

Personal data is information that can be linked directly or indirectly to a physical, living person.


Catena AB (henceforth “Catena”), Corp. Reg. No. 556294-1715, with address Box 5003, SE-25005 Helsingborg, Sweden, tel. +46 (0)42 449 22 00, e-mail, is controller for the personal data we process and which is described in this policy.

Third party links

Our website contains links to other websites. Catena is not responsible for the processing of data that takes place via or on these websites.

How to navigate this policy

To help you find the relevant information on the data we process, why we do so and for how long, we have chosen to layer the information based on the relationship we have with you. If you are a contact at or represent one of our customers, you will find information under the heading “Contact person at customer.” If you subscribe to our newsletter, you can find information under the heading “Subscribers, newsletter”, if you have visited one of our properties, you can find more information under “Visitors to our properties”, etc. 

Contact person at customer

When we sign an agreement with a company, we will collect necessary contact details to ensure that we can provide our services, communicate important information and send out invites to events and surveys.


To fulfil our commitments to customers, provide our services and offer good customer care as well as communicate important information. Some information may also be used to fulfil legal obligations, such as the Swedish Bookkeeping Act.

Types of personal data

Name, address, telephone number and e-mail. Personal ID number if you are a sole proprietor.

Legal basis

Legitimate interest and legal obligation.

Time interval

For as long as you represent our customer. We will update our systems as soon as we receive information on the appointment of a new contact person. However, we may continue to process your data in, for example, e-mails and documents, as this constitutes documentation for the agreement between Catena and your employer. The information is stored in accounts for ten years.


Tenants (private individuals)

When you as a private individual enter into a lease agreement with Catena, we will process your personal data for administration and delivery, to fulfil our commitment to you and invoice for our services. If you contact us with questions, opinions or complaints, we will need to process your contact details in order to help you. In addition to the information you submit to us, we may need to request information from credit reporting agencies, Lantmäteriet as well as public records and coordinate that data with the information you have submitted to us.


To administer and fulfil our commitments under the lease agreement as well as our accounting obligations.

Types of personal data

Name, address, Personal ID number, telephone number and e-mail

Legal basis

Agreement and legal obligation, respectively

Time interval

For as long as you are a customer. However, we may continue to process your data in, for example, e-mails and documents. The information is stored in accounts for ten years.


Subscribers, newsletter

We distribute information and marketing material to our newsletter subscribers. The information is collected when you grant consent, which could be via our website or through face-to-face contact if we meet at a trade fair or other event. This will allow Catena to tailor the newsletter based on the preferences and needs you specified.


To market offers from ourselves and/or carefully selected partners and to distribute relevant information.

Types of personal data

Name and e-mail.

Legal basis


Time interval

For as long as we have your consent. If you withdraw your consent, we will stop sending the newsletter to you (read more in the “your rights” section).


Visitors to our properties

Some of Catena’s properties have access and surveillance systems, a few of which are administered by Catena. Catena, our tenants, and employees of and visitors to tenants, have an interest in the properties’ access and surveillance systems for the purpose of security, order and crime prevention. Camera surveillance is conducted in accordance with the Camera Surveillance Act and the limitations pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation.


We have installed an access and surveillance system to improve safety and security at and in our properties

Types of personal data

Film recording, without sound.

Legal basis

Legitimate interest. The risk is deemed reasonable compared with the risk of being subjected to criminal offences if the security cameras had not been installed in the property.

Time interval

No more than two months from recording, unless the recording is needed for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. In case of suspicion of a crime, the photographic material may be disclosed to the police and, when investigating damage, may also be shared with the claims handlers.


Event participants

If you, or someone at your workplace, has registered you for an event that we are arranging, either ourselves or together with others, we will process your personal data to enable your participation and ensure that you have the best possible experience. The information we collect in connection with the event may include health details (food allergies).


To administer your participation, take into account food preferences and adapt to your wishes.

Types of personal data

Name, e-mail, telephone number, company, food preferences and allergies.

Legal basis

Consent and legitimate interest, respectively.

Time interval

The information will be erased when the event is over. For recurring events, participants from the previous event are saved until the latest event is over.


Website visitors

If you agree to cookies on our website, we can modify it to reflect how you as a visitor use our website. Read more in our cookie policy.


To analyse the use of our website and modify it to reflect the visitor’s experience.

Types of personal data

IP address and operating system, response time for pages, download errors, how you reached and left our website

Legal basis


Time interval

Each cookie has a unique storage period, see more information in our cookie policy.


Who could we share your information with?

Catena may share your personal data with other controllers. These organisations will process your personal data for their own purposes. This may involve tenant organisations, insurance companies or debt collection agencies.

In order to fulfil the purpose of processing your personal data in accordance with the description above, we use external parties who act entirely on our instruction (processors). The categories of recipients who help us with this processing include IT and system suppliers of communication programs, CRM systems and similar.

When we cooperate with another provider, such as when arranging an event, we may share personal data with each other for similar purposes and then act as joint controller.

Transfers to third countries

When we transfer your personal data to a supplier, partner or other provider, we do this to receive help in performing certain processing activities. When such a recipient is located in a third country (a country outside EU/EEA), we choose our recipients with particular care and ensure they can offer us security measures so you can feel safe with how we are processing your personal data.

For all of these transfers, we ensure that standard contractual clauses (SCCs) have been signed, or an equivalent approved transfer mechanism is in place in accordance with Chapter V of the GDPR. This is to ensure as far as possible that the information is processed as securely as if the recipient had been located in the EU/EEA. However, despite this we wish to inform you that national legislation in recipient countries (such as the US) in some cases may allow their authorities to access the information through their security legislation.

Your rights

As described in the introduction, our Privacy Policy only includes the most common types of processing and those that can be assumed to impact you most. This is to avoid it becoming too long and complicated. If you would like a more detailed description of specific information we have about you, you can always utilise your right of access, described below, or send us a question.

Right of access

You are entitled to receive a register excerpt from Catena including the personal data registered about you, the purposes for which the data has been processed and to what recipients the data has, or may be, divulged. Requests for register excerpts are to be made in writing, and your identity must be verified in a secure manner. We may also request supplementary information in order to identify you.

Right to erasure

You are entitled to request that your personal data is erased, if the processing of personal data is, for example, no longer required for the purposes for which they are processed, is based on your consent and you withdraw this or is processed illegally. However, erasure does not apply to personal data that we are obliged to maintain in accordance with legal obligations or that we must process for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

It is important that you are aware that your personal data is often processed for various, separate purposes, in different systems, and your name may therefore remain in our systems to enable us deliver in accordance with tenant agreements, even though the personal data has been removed, for example, for marketing purposes.

Right to rectification

You are entitled to request rectification of the personal data being processed about you if this is inaccurate and you have the right to request that we supplement incomplete personal data.

Right to object and/or limit the processing of your personal data

You are entitled to object to or limit processing performed on your personal data. For example, you may limit processing about you temporarily if you believe the personal data is/was inaccurate – which would allow us time to investigate. You also are entitled to specifically object to processing described below:

Legitimate interest
You are entitled to object to the processing of your personal data based on legitimate interest. This means we only have the right to continue processing your personal data if we can demonstrate that our legitimate interest exceeds your interest in ending the processing and your rights. This only applies to personal data processing performed pursuant to the legal basis of legitimate interest.

Direct marketing
If you do not wish Catena to process your personal data for marketing purposes, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time and to unsubscribe from our marketing announcements. You are also entitled to file an objection and we will then immediately cease to process your data for that purpose. When we have received your revocation or objection, we will cease to process the personal data for direct marketing.

Right to data portability

If processing is based on consent or agreement and where technically feasible, you are entitled to data portability, which means we will help you to transfer personal data to you, or the individual you choose, in a machine-readable format. This relates only to data that is available in a structured format and that you have provided to us.

Contact us

If you wish to exercise any of your rights or have questions, contact us on or write to Catena AB, Box 5003, SE-25005 Helsingborg, Sweden.

Contact with supervisory authority

You are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection if you believe Catena is processing your personal data contrary to applicable data protection laws. We would appreciate if you first contact us so that we have an opportunity to solve any problems. You can find more information on:

Updates to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may make changes to our Privacy Policy as we develop our offering. We will inform you if you are affected by significant changes. The latest version is always available on our website.

History, all versions:

Ver. 1.0  22 May 2018  
Ver. 1.1 2 October 2019 (update concerning photo and video)
Ver. 1.2 30 November 2021 (change of disposition and clarification)