With functioning coordination between flows and facilities, resources can be used more efficiently. This is an prerequisite for a functioning society in which goods and cargo in constant movement must be optimally positioned in the logistics network to meet demands in terms of on-time delivery, cost and climate footprint.

Does your business need to add space for warehousing and logistics?

In our growing network of properties you can find terminals for immediate transshipment, logistics warehouses for storage, distribution centers and omni warehouses as well as facilities for city logistics. There are several opportunities to become our tenant and thus become part of the logistics network of the future.

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New establishment for your business

Unique opportunities to build new, efficient and sustainable logistics facilities that meet specific needs.

Tips along the way

We’re happy to share our knowledge on how the right choice of logistics facility can optimise logistics, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and help achieve sustainability targets. Contact us if you are curious or read our 10 useful and sustainable tips for those looking for logistics facilities and warehouses.

Do you want to know more or are you interested in establishing operations in a Catena-facility?

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