Does your company own properties in which you operate your core business? Then a sale & leaseback transaction can be a smart move. Sell a property to us and then rent if from us – an easy way to unlock restricted capital and instead pay rent. The value of the property is determined by the rent and contract period we agree on. Catena is used to this type of transaction and we are happy to discuss an arrangement that benefits all parties.

Strategic benefits

  • Your business can focus on your core business – properties require a lot of capital, to own your own property is not necessarily the most optimal option for your business.
  • Reallocate capital – selling a property and releasing capital can be a way to support and finance a planned or desired growth strategy. Is your business facing major investments in automation or planned company acquisitions? To not keep properties in the balance sheet can be an advantage. Investments in the core business can provide a higher return on invested capital over time.

Financial benefits

  • Improvments of capital structure – via a sale & leaseback transaction, your business's financial position and important key figures can improve. 
  • Tax – the tax situation can be more favorable.
  • Capital cost – owning your own property means an opportunity cost. If the cost of the outcome of a Sale & leaseback is less than your company's average cost of capital, it is likely that it is more profitable for the business to sell the property than to keep it.


A long-term partnership

As our tenant you can rest assured that the property will be kept in good condition and that control of the property is part of our offer. Having a skilled and efficient property management organisation in place in the regions safeguards relations and ensure development of the property when your business develops – Catena is a long-term partner.

Are you interested in a sale & leaseback?

Please contact us to discuss opportunities in greater detail.