To diversify the company’s financing, Catena has established a MTN programme. All information published on this matter can be found here. In connection with the programme, Catena’s green framework was launched. 

The programme in brief

Issuer: Catena
Established: 2021
Framework amount: FIVE BILLION SWEDISH KRONOR (SEK 5,000,000,000)
Currencies: SEK, NOK, EUR
Ledarbank: Swedbank AB (publ)
Issuing Institutions: Swedbank AB, Nordea Bank AB, Skandinaviska Enskilda banken ABDanske Bank A/S
Listing: Nasdaq Stockholm
Registrering: Through Euroclear Sweden AB

Press releases

2023-05-31, Catena AB publishes an updated MTN prospectus
2022-05-31, Catena AB publishes an updated MTN prospectus
2021-06-09, Catena has successfully issued its first bond
2021-05-31, Catena AB publishes prospectus for MTN programme of SEK 5 billion and launches green framework


Prospectus and framework
Prospectus 2023-05-31
Prospectus 2022-05-30

Prospectus 2021-05-31

Green Finance Framework 2021-05-31
Second opinion, Cicerio 2021-05-31
Nordic Credit Rating, May 2021

Final terms
Loan number 2
Loan number 1


Credit analyst monitoring Catena

SEB Gustav Johannesson
T: + 46 8 76 38 575
M: +46 70 767 63 75
Swedbank Axel Andersson
M: +46 (0)73 075 51