Logistics position Landvetter

The area around the Landvettermotet motorway interchange has potential to become one of the country's foremost logistics hubs. The location is optimal for transhipments of products and goods supplying in part the Gothenburg region and in part the rest of the Nordic region, with nearby access to both the airport and port. 

Catena's vision

Catena's ambition is to build high-profile logistics facilities at site with high demands on the architectural expression and sustainability - one goal is for the buildnings to be self-sufficient in heat aided by geothermal energy.

Land allocation agreement: 210,000 sqm
Area: Logistics position Landvetter
Municipality: Härryda
Status: Detailed development plan

Menigo is the first tenant at Logistics Position Landvetter

The new building will have a floor area of 42,250 m2, with both cold and frozen storage units, as well as office space. The building is subject to exacting sustainability demands and will be certified in accordance with BREEAM Excellent and various initiatives are planned for biological diversity at the site. Catena has signed a lease for the facility with Menigo Foodservice, one of Sweden’s best established food distributors. 

Press release March 15, 2022 

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