Volvator is founded

  • Catena’s history dates back to 1967 when Volvo founded AB Volvator to structure its dealer network


Initial public offering

  • AB Volvator changes name to AB Catena in conjunction with an IPO in 1984 in which Volvo decreases its ownership to 40 percent
  • Following the IPO Catena expands within areas such as finance, commerce and properties


Name change and refined focus

  • In 1994 a refinement of the business is initiated with a focus on car distribution properties
  • In 1997 the company changes name to Bilia
  • A successive development of the property portfolio follows and by 2005 Bilia owns 34 properties valued c. SEK 2.0 billion


Catena is spun off from Bilia

  • Catena is spun off from Bilia
  • The new independent company becomes listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in April 2006


Transformative mergers and acquisitions

  • In 2013 Catena acquires Brinova Logistik AB for c. SEK 3.8bn and becomes one of Sweden’s largest owners of logistics properties
  • Acquires Klövern’s shares in Tribona in 2015 and makes a public offer for the remaining shares for a total value of c. SEK 2.1 billion
  • Catena already has a sustainability mindset, the company is certified ISO 14001, properties has environmental certifications and the first sustainability report is published


Continued expansion

  • Catena’s expansion continues and the company strengthens its geographical position in key logistic hubs across Sweden as the Öresund region and Jönköping region etc
  • Catena signs the Global Compact and begins reporting in accordance with TCFD’s recommendations
  • The first solar cell plant is installed at Dikartorp 3:12
  • A financial green framework is set up and the first green bonds are issued
  • Catena benefits from the structural supply chain transformation on the back of rapidly growing e-commerce


Well-positioned for future growth

  • Catena announced its largest project ever during the 2022, the company will build an 86,600 sqm central warehouse for Elgiganten in Jönköping
  • One of the stock exchange’s most genderequal companies according to the Allbright Report 2022
  • A growing portfolio in Denmark
  • Going forward, Catena aims to continue its growth trajectory and continue to be a leading logistics property owner