Catena has beehives at several of our properties. This is part of our efforts to ensure that the property portfolio is net-positive in terms of biodiversity by 2030. Our goal is to promote biodiversity with a high degree of genetic variation. In some places, beehives contribute to this and in other places, other initiatives work better to achieve the goal. Through well-researched initiatives, we can contribute to improving biodiversity on all our existing properties in various ways.

Fun fact

Did you know that honey is a pure natural product with a fantastic shelf life without any additives? Livsmedelsverket prescribes 24 months from bottling.

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How do we know that what we are doing is good?

We are following the development of various initiatives on how to measure biodiversity. Our ambition is to quantify natural values in order to ensure net zero impact in new establishments. We also see major opportunities to improve biodiversity on our existing properties. Older properties have often been built without consideration for natural values, and we can achieve net positivity through various initiatives.

An important part of the work involves building knowledge internally and externally. We want to develop both our offer and our working methods. Part of this work involves developing relations with building contractors and our tenants to increase understanding of why biodiversity is important. Working more actively on the issues and striving to turn a negative impact into a positive one is undoubtedly challenging. We do not yet have all the answers on how we will work on biodiversity and we have much to learn.

You can find out more about Catena's sustainability work and goals here.

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