The demand for cold stores is continuously increasing. The goods stored in these warehouses are generally not sensitive to the economic cycle and the logistics of storing them are critical to the functioning of our society.

What happens in a warehouse for cold storage?

For certain products - such as food or pharmaceuticals - an unbroken cold chain during handling and storage is absolutely essential. In a cold storage warehouse, a desired temperature is ensured. There are often different temperature zones within the same property.

For some products, such as food or pharmaceuticals, an unbroken cold chain is essential during handling and storage. In a cold storage warehouse, a desired temperature is ensured. Often there are different temperature zones within the same property.

Smart energy solutions is crucial

Cold storage facilities are energy-intensive, while the refrigeration and freezing systems in the building generate a lot of excess heat. It's therefore important to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions that optimize energy use throughout the building.

Future-proofed properties for cold storage

Our ambition is net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which places demands on the construction process when a new distribution warehouse is to be built. We are also working to ensure that 100 percent of Catena's leasable space is environmentally certified and that the entire portfolio is net positive in terms of biodiversity.

Catena's distribution center in Åstorp rented by Seafrigo Nordic.

Seafrigo and Kyl- och Frysexpressen Nord are examples of companies operating in Catena's cold storage facilities.

Do you want to know more about our different types of properties?

Our specialised focus on logistics properties may seem narrow, but it means that we amass invaluable expertise and can instead assume a broad and long-term responsibility, a responsibility that ranges from new production to customer-oriented day-to-day property management. Please feel free to contact us.