Logistics position Sunnanå

Outside Malmö, in the municipality of Burlöv, Logistics Position Sunnanå is situated in best possible location – with a direct exit from main road 11 and just a further 300 metres to the exit from the E6/E20 motorway.

Since 2016, Catena has built approximately 80,000 sqm of leased storage space in the area for tenants such as Chefs CulinarSvensk CaterDS Smith,  Lekia, Scandinavian Cosmetics, Rechon Life SciencePadel Crew, DHL Express and DHL Supply Chain. The most recently completed property on the site, our multi-tenant warehouse, is flexible over time and adaptable to the needs of different tenants.

Catena's vision

Catena is now continuing to develop Logistic Position Sunnanå outside Malmö for others who want to establish themselves in the area. We are now offering an additional 110,000 square meters of land in a prime signage location right next to the motorway. We hold building rights in the area and plan to build more efficient and sustainable logistics facilities of about 55,000 square meters.

We will environmentally certify the facilities. Our ambition is to create near-zero energy buildings, where we take a holistic approach to all parts of the process to find solutions that last over time.


Land area: 110,000 sqm
Area: Logistikposition Sunnanå
Municipality: Burlöv
Status: Zoning plan completed

Ongoing at Logistics position Sunnanå

We have started groundwork on the land that is not yet developed. In connection with this, we have also secured a very high electricity capacity for future facilities on the site.

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Status zoning plan

The zoning plan gained legal force in September 2020.

Press release 4 June 2021.

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Would you be interested in establishing operations here?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss opportunities in this location in greater detail.

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Are you interested in an area suitable for city logistics in Malmö?

Take a look at the possibilites we offer at Lodgatan in Malmö.