Effective energy use and operational optimisation are nothing new in the property industry. In fact, the sector has actively worked on the issue for many years. Considering the winter 2022-2023 and the energy situation, efforts to reduce energy consumption are particularly relevant. The Swedish property companies Castellum, Catena, Corem, Mileway, Logicenters and SLP have established a joint campaign to reduce energy usage under the hashtag #HusFörHus (houses for houses).

The purpuse of the campaign is to contribute to reduce energy use by collaborating, sharing knowledge, and inspiring as many as possible to do what they can to save energy.

A lot of square meters means great opportunities 

In close dialogue with tenants, Catena proposes measures that may have an impact on energy consumption in the property portfolio. This could, for example, be about adjusting the heat or reviewing ventilation and flows, for example turning off or reducing the flows in the evenings and nights if no business is running.