Catena publishes updated green framework

Catena’s green financing framework is being replaced by an updated framework, the scope of which has been broadened to encompass the EU taxonomy and to better match the company’s long-term sustainability targets.

19 April 2024, 10.30 am CEST

Catena has high ambitions for sustainability and, as a leading logistics property company in the Swedish market, there are significant opportunities for Catena to contribute to a more sustainable society. A key component for Catena is to link its strategic and operational work on sustainability to the Company’s financing needs. Catena’s green framework was introduced in 2021 when an MTN programme was established.

The updated green framework means that Catena is taking a step towards greater clarification. The framework has been adapted to align with the EU taxonomy and Swedish national regulations, and it better matches the Company’s long-term sustainability targets. The framework is compliant with market conventions and its scope mainly concerns energy performance, environmental certification, threshold values for CO2 emissions in new construction and climate risk analyses.

“Offering market investment options based on sustainable assets is key to us being able to make a serious contribution to transition and thus maintain long-term competitiveness,” says David Silvesjö, Chief Treasury Officer at Catena.

S&P Global Ratings has issued a second opinion on the framework; their rating is Medium Green. Swedbank has operated as Catena’s advisor during the update.

During May 2024, the annual update of the prospectus for the MTN programme is expected to be completed.

Further information on Catena’s green framework is available at

For further information, please contact:
David Silvesjö, Chief Treasury Officer, Tel. +46 (0)730 70 22 22,
Amanda Thynell, Head of Sustainability, Tel. +46 (0)72 510 03 31
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