Resolutions made at Catena’s Annual General Meeting 28 April 2022

At Catena’s Annual General Meeting the 28 April 2022 the general meeting approved, among other things, the Board of Director’s proposal for a dividend for 2021 of SEK 8.00 per share.

28 April 2022, 5.50 p.m. CET

Catena AB (publ) held this year’s Annual General Meeting today, 28 April 2022, at World Trade Center in Stockholm.

In accordance with the Board of Director’s proposal the general meeting resolved on a dividend of SEK 8.00 per share be paid for 2021, to be disbursed on two occasions, each at SEK 4.00 per share. The record dates for receipt of dividends were determined to be 2 May 2022 and 2 November 2022. Payment is expected to be made from Euroclear Sweden AB on 5 May 2022 and 7 November 2022.

The Annual General Meeting resolved that the Company’s Board of Directors shall consist of eight ordinary Board Members with no deputies and approved the Nomination Committee’s proposal of re-electing Gustaf Hermelin, Katarina Wallin Hélène Briggert, Magnus Swärdh, Caesar Åfors, Vesna Jovic and Lennart Mauritzson, as well as newly electing Joost Uwents, as ordinary Board Members. It was also resolved that Lennart Mauritzson be newly elected as chairman of the board. The registered accounting firm KPMG AB was elected as auditor, with authorised public accountant Camilla Alm Andersson as the principal auditor. The Annual General Meeting granted the Board Members and the CEO discharge from liability for 2021.

The Annual General Meeting resolved in accordance with the Nomination Committee’s proposal on fees to be paid to the Board of Directors in the amount of SEK 400,000 (previously SEK 385,000) to the Chairman and SEK 200,000 (previously SEK 190,000) to each of the other Board Members who are not employed by the Company. For work on the Remuneration Committee, additional remuneration of SEK 80,000 (80,000) is to be paid, to be distributed in the amount of SEK 40,000 (SEK 40,000) to the chairman of the Committee and SEK 20,000 (SEK 20,000) to each of the other two members; for the Audit Committee, remuneration of SEK 100,000 (SEK 100,000) is to be paid, to be distributed in the amount of SEK 50,000 (SEK 50,000) to the chairman of the Committee and SEK 25,000 (SEK 25,000) to each of the other two members. Fees to the auditors were decided to be paid according to customary standards and approved invoicing. The Annual General meeting approved the Board’s proposal for remuneration guidelines for senior executives and the remuneration report.

The Annual General Meeting authorised the Board in accordance with the submitted proposals, to acquire and sell the Companies own shares. Acquisitions and disposals may not exceed 1/10 of all the company’s shares and decisions may be made on one or more occasions. The Annual General Meeting also authorised the Board to, on one or more occasions, be able to decide on issuing new shares with or without preferential rights for shareholders to participate in the issue and with or without provisions regarding payment in kind or set-off. The authorisation may cover at most a combined 1/10 of the total number of shares outstanding at the time of the Board’s first decision to issue shares. New share issues are to be implemented on the usual market terms. The authorisation to implement acquisitions and new share issues is limited so that the number of shares acquired by the Company itself and the number of new shares issued in accordance with a decision by the Board of Directors would combined correspond to at most 1/10 of all shares outstanding in the Company.

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