Catena operates in a context with a significant impact on the environment and on society. The production and transport of our tenants, the construction processes, the choice of materials and our own operations and energy use together account for large emissions. In addition, issues concerning land and land use are constantly present for all real estate companies. When it comes to logistics properties, the location is crucial, every kilometer that can be spared for our tenants is of great importance for the environment. Therefore, proximity to important infrastructure and larger population centers is cruical.

Efficient and sustainable logistics properties are critical for a functioning society. We must balance society's needs and how we meet them with environmental needs and biodiversity aspects. In addition to this, our facilities must be able to handle more than goods, they are also workplaces where we want to create as good opportunities as possible for the people who work there to feel safe and comfortable. These high requirements are also applied at our own workplace.

Offensive targets

All this means that every single decision that can lead to a more sustainable logistics network is of the utmost importance and has a major impact. Catena has high ambitions and offensive sustainability goals. With our our choices and our commitment we want to make a difference. Both environmental, social and economic values ​​benefit from well-founded strategies and a long-term approach. If we are too defensive, it will hit not only back at us - it will also affect the logistics network and society at large.