At Catena, we give less Christmas presents to customers and partners and instead we support a number of organizations with a gift that we hope will be of real use for those in need.

This year, we support five organizations that our employees have selected!

In Sweden, one in three will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. In order for fewer people to be affected and more people to survive, Cancerfonden finances the leading research, spreads knowledge about cancer and influences decision-makers on important issues.

Support for Musikhjälpen 2022 increases security and improves the lives of children and young people under the age of 18 living in ongoing refugee situations around the world.

Donations gives more children the opportunity to go to school, creating child-friendly places in refugee camps or helping children find relatives from whom they have been separated. Help can also be provided to efforts that strengthen physical and mental health among children who are refugees, through, for example, care and vaccinations. It can also be about securing access to clean water, nutritious food and toilets.

Plan International helps change the future of girls by investing in the most important thing we have - education.

130 million girls are not in school and are overrepresented among children who lack access to education. When a girl is allowed to go to school, the likelihood that she will marry later, get a job and shape her future increases. It is also crucial for poverty to decrease and gender equality to increase.

The Red Cross is present in 192 countries, ready to act in crises and disasters. The organization helps people in disasters, in war and people on the run. In every country there is a Red Cross association that knows what to prioritize. Around the world there are also 14 million volunteers who are ready to take action!

Skånes Stadsmission works to make a difference for society's most vulnerable and for children in the county of Skåne to be both warm, fed and safe during the Christmas holidays.

By giving a gift to Skåne Stadsmission, we are participating and contributing to just that. Together we put food on the table, Christmas presents, warm clothes and long-term support.