During the autumn, Catena installed a new heating system in the Backa 23:2 property in Gothenburg. The new heat plant consists of two heat pumps that collect energy from the outside air. The heat pumps are located on the roof above the technology room and deliver energy to the heating system and the domestic hot water. They are dimensioned to meet approximately 95 percent of the energy needs in the property. We have also installed an electric boiler as a complement to the heat pumps.

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    4070 kg CO2 saving, tonnes/year
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    110 000 kWh /year lower energy consumption

The heating system will produce the remaining approximately 5 percent of the heat demand. The total energy savings for heating are estimated at 110,000 kWh per year. Converted with the Swedish electricity mix’s emission factor 0.037 kg CO2e/kWh, meaning a saving of 4,070 kg CO2e/year. In 2022, we will continue our work to also investigate opportunities to streamline the operation of the ventilation in the property.

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