The world's largest paddle facility is located in an industrial property in Helsingborg

One of Catena's most important strategies for more sustainable logistics is to ensure access to the absolute best logistics locations. But positions changes as society develops and some properties lose their purpose for logistics. In some cases, Catena takes the initiative to transform properties to more appropriate purposes. Our premises are flexible and adaptable, there is also great interest from players in completely different industry sectors than those we usually work with.

One example is Catena's property Hästhagen 4, an old industrial property in the southern parts of Helsingborg. As the city grows, the area where the property is located has become increasingly important for the urban development, while the needs for logistics and industry are moving further out of the city center. Instead of a sale, Catena saw opportunities in this old, industrial building.

"This not our core business, but still it feels fantastic that we have can create new values ​​in an, more or less, outdated property", says Göran Jönsson, Catena's Regional manager in Helsingborg.

After renovation, there is today a trampoline park, a café, a salad bar and hamburger restaurant, a modern office space and a paddle facility in the old brick building.

World's largest with 38 courses

Padel Crew is one of the tenants at the site. Padel Crew attract both elite and persons who engages in exercise more occasionally. They also have an extensive academy for children and young people. The business has gradually expanded in terms of area since they moved in 2016. With the latest extension Padel Crew have 35 indoor courses and 3 outdoor courses in a facility that covers a total of 13,500 sqm. This makes the paddle facility the largest in the world - both in terms of number of square meters and in number of courses.

There is no point in just being the biggest - we want also want to be the best.
Marcus Eriander, Head of Sales and Marketing, Padel Crew

- It's cool to reuse a property and Catena is a good partner when visions are to be realized. Since start, we have a great relationship and collaboration is always simple and solution-oriented with Catena, says Marcus Eriander, Head of Sales and Marketing at Padel Crew.

Marcus emphasizes the conditions that exist in these particular building and with the central location in Helsingborg. Compared to other, newly built paddle halls, his view is that an existing, older property creates completely different possibilities.

- In addition to the accessibility and the industrial charm we can offer here, the facility have an unusual amount of space between the courses. This means that there is extra room for the social exchange that takes place before and after training, nice stands and many spaces to fill up. There is no point in just being the biggest - we want to be the best too, Marcus states.

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