, a leading Nordic player in online fashion, is a tenant in the Åre 92 property in Borås. Together with Catena, a long-term collaboration has taken shape.

The facility was acquired by Catena in 2020 when it had just been completed. After Nelly moved in, Catena signed an additional agreement with Nelly to finance an automation solution from Autostore, which quickly became operational at the facility. With this tailor-made collaboration and a superior local presence, Catena is able to meet Nelly’s needs, both now and in the future.

“When you enter into a long lease, it’s like getting married.
For us, it feels good to have a stable landlord who knows logistics and who can accompany us on our journey. Seen over a
longer period, our needs will certainly change,”

John Afzelius, CFO på Nelly

The modern and automated facility contributes to Nelly’s competitiveness and creates opportunities for further growth.
One of Catena’s first initiative in the property was to certify the building in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Silver.
“Through professional and rational discussions with Catena, we have been able to make adjustments efficiently.
Manufacturing, transport and warehousing affect the environment and people, which bring with it a responsibility. Sustainability is left, right and center for us, and a sensibly designed facility is a basic prerequisite,” says John.

In addition to the benefits that efficient and up-to-date premises provide, there were also other reasons for Nelly to move its warehousing operations.
“Borås is a good logistics location at the epicentre for fashion, textiles and e-commerce. The location offers coordination gains linked, among other things, to outgoing shipments and collectiontimes. This is also where most of our operations are already located and we perceive considerable value in having the organisation more concentrated to be able to work near to one another,” says John.

When John discusses the future and the continued development of Nelly’s offering, brand and logistics, he also emphasises the importance of proximity in the relationship between tenant and landlord.
“It felt good that we could so easily secure an efficient and stable facility and get the business started, now all of our focus is on development. The personal contact is valuable to us and Catena has lived up to all expectations, regardless of who we have been in contact with. I am optimistic about what we can achieve together in the future.” 

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