In 2020, Catena initiated a project for installing charging posts together with DHL. A total of 12 of Catena’s properties, from the north of Sweden to the south, have been identified as possible sites for a total of 54 charging stations for DHL’s company cars.

The charging posts are made of recycled aluminium and can charge up to 2x22 kW. From the charging stations, it is possible to obtain statistics, schedule charging, change power and optimize and monitor electricity use. They can also be load balanced - for dynamic distribution of available power.

Each property is equipped with a 4G router with SIM cards installed to communicate with the charging posts via Wifi. The project is being carried out in collaboration with Klimatklivet. Klimatklivet offers investment support for local and regional measures that reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that affect the climate. Catena wants to continue being able to deliver solutions to our customers that benefit Sweden’s environmental goals of limiting climate impact, while at the same time contributing to the spread of new technology, market introduction, employment and better health.

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