Stockholm South

Between Södertälje and Nykvarn, only 30 minutes from Stockholm, the new logistics hub Stockholm South emerges - an optimum location for managing product flows in the capital and safeguarding sustainable deliveries.


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A new hub for logistics

Directly connected to the E20 motorway and just a few kilometres from the E4 motorway there is space for activities including logistics, industry, training and office. In addition to its motorway-adjacent location, the area also offers proximity to ports, industrial rail sidings and airport. 


In connection with the granted land permit, Catena has begun working and initiated rough terracing of the area near Stockholm south. On April 5 2022, we celebrated that we are beginning to prepare for Catena's establishments.

Representative from the Nykvarn municipality, David Schubert, and Catena's CEO Jörgen Eriksson spoke at the festivities, the guests ate well and also got to live witness the blasting work.

- We are very happy that so many interested people wanted to take a look at the area and celebrate together with us. We have high ambitions and it feels good that the this project is up and running, says Jörgen Eriksson, CEO of Catena.

- Demand is very high for this type of logistics area with proximity to both metropolitan regions and important transport routes. Discussions about establishments are ongoing, it is quite clear that others have identified the benefits of this fantastic location, says Henrik Lettesjö, Business developer at Catena.

Status detailed development plan

Catena acquired land 2018 in this ideal location connected to the Almnäs junction (press release from 14 September 2018). The detailed development plan gained legal force March 2021.

Land area: 450,000 sqm
Area: Stockholm Syd
Municipality: Nykvarn/Södertälje
Status: Detailed development plan

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