Companies and their needs changes. As tenant at Catena, you can be sure of our commitment and our will to everything for your premises to fully contribute to your business goals. By always staying one step ahead and challenging customers, refining existing properties is an ongoing process.

More than that, Catena has a broad expertise in logistics and properties and is able to act as a facilitator in collaboration with a network of specialists in areas including security functions, IT control systems, handling equipment and fully -automated solutions ín order to optimise functions in our propterties.

Sustainable properties

Together with customers and suppliers, Catena works to accelerate the transition and to deliver properties that are sustainable over time. For Catena, it is important to work with sustainability in all our facilities, both new and existing.

Some areas where properties have a significant environmental impact is electricity consumption, heat usage, biodiversity, choice of building materials whenremodelling and waste management. Overriding sustainability objectives and business goals exist for these aspects that are monitored and evaluated on an annual basis. Our efforts over time on these matters can have a great effect.

The strength of a large property portfolio

Our large and varied property portfolio also makes it possible to regulate areas in a flexible way in connection with the development of our clients.